Relationships First
Business Second

Networking is about finding and connecting with people who you resonate with.
Opportunities, collaborations and joint ventures are rife and the best methods for sustained growth.
Find your symbiotic partners through The Fresh Network.

— Casey

The Fresh Network is exactly as it says on the tin ... an innovative and fresh approach to networking!  Our values are truly reflected in our name:

F – Friendly

R-  Respectful

E – Energetic

S – Synergistic

H – Honest

…. Fresh!

Within The Fresh Network you can expect to be surrounded with people just like yourself, Decision Makers and Action Takers.  People who know that networking is always about people and relationships first, where trust and integrity are standard practice.  Business takes second place so that when it happens - profitable, long term, strategic partnerships are formed.    This is a network for those committed to both growing themselves and supporting others through the process … this is NOT a network for Hunters, Takers or the single minded!

Relationships Before Business

Our Team

Casey Farquharson

"Life is not measured by the number of Breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away" this quote provokes me to ask the question, how much life have you truly lived?’’

Gayle Edwards

Gayle Edwards is a Positioning Strategist who works with Leaders who want to build their identity and authority within their marketplace!

Segun Akande

Regarded as one of the leading Sales and Customer Service consultants in Africa, Segun has coached and trained over 2000 individuals.

Atul Sharma

A budding marketer, Atul has spent 6 years in Branding & Advertising environment in India working for agriculture & automotive companies.

Adela Ciurescu

Adela is originally from Romania. After finishing degrees in European Studies at the University of Babes-Bolyai in Cluj and in Public Relations at Politehnica Timisoara, she came to the UK looking for new opportunities.

Our Snapshots

Mike mixing

Tony live in London, UK

Mike at the Kahuna club

Henry and his Bass Guitar

Mike preparing for the show

Live in concert 2017

Tony on stage

At the Broly Festival





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