Relationships First
Business Second

Networking is about finding and connecting with people who you resonate with.
Opportunities, collaborations and joint ventures are rife and the best methods for sustained growth.
Find your symbiotic partners through The Fresh Network.

— Casey
Best Events in the City

Situated in the heart of London’s Kensington and Chelsea borough, and boasting a six-story glass atrium with up-lit palm trees, the Millennium Gloucester’s ambiance is ideal for tranquility, focus, relaxation, and fun – the perfect environment for you to build great relationships.

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“I’ve come to realise that it’s a mistake to see other companies or people in my sector as competition. There’s so much more we can do together; and building the right relationships is key. I simply can’t wait for this event, as I know it will give me the perfect opportunity to forge new and healthier business relationships.”  

“I absolutely love this concept – relationships first, business second. Most business networking events are so superficial. I’m really looking forward to meeting like-minded people that genuinely want to know who I am, what I do, how we can help one another, and how we can build a more vibrant community.”

Relationships First
Business Second

According to Casey, a man known for his love of a challenge, passion for innovation, and total dedication to the community:


“This exclusive club is not for everyone. Rather, it’s for forward thinking intelligent business owners and entrepreneurs. Membership is not open to everyone, and there are a finite number of seats available. To be a part of this prestigious group you need to not only book early but have the necessary mindset and credentials.”

Why Get Involved?

Providing Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of the exclusive Fresh Networking club is a radical change of mindset from ‘competition’ to ‘Opportunity’.  Almost as though you’ve been given a new lease of life, rather than viewing those in the same sector as you as competitors, your mind will be open to the limitless possibilities to collaborate.

Image of Business Growth

Business Growth and Success

At the very heart of our ethos lies a passion for building a thriving and prosperous community. As such, the core characteristic of every member of Fresh Networking is a sincere desire to help other members to succeed. You will be surrounded by people that genuinely want you to succeed.

Time Leveraging

By collaborating with people of a similar mindset, you will be able to leverage one of the most important components of life – Time. More collaboration means less hours in the office as well as more revenue.


The beauty of building good relationships with people that genuinely want you to succeed is that you will never be short of referrals. As a member of Fresh Networking, you are practically guaranteed a constant flow of excellent referrals.

Be a Pioneering Founding Member

Be Seen, Be Useful

Let us discuss how you can attend for free as one of our VIP Founding Members plus get some amazing benefits for helping out

Membership of our exclusive club gives you many perks, benefits and opportunities, including amazing discounts for our events and the prestigious venues we use, free meals, and great business opportunities. Unfortunately, this is not open to everyone.

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Amazing Speakers

Be a speaker at one of our events or help out as a table host and gain VIP status on your table.
Christian idehen

Christian Idehen

CEO: Rock Marketing
picture of Anita Kouassigan

Anita Kouassigan

serial small-business entrepreneur

  • Event @ The Sky Gardens

    Encapsulated in three stories of exquisitely landscaped public gardens, this captivating glass dome on 20 Fenchurch street gives every visitor an experience of beauty, inspiration, and awe; not to mention the very best of British dining.  

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  • Event @ The Thames

    Providing some of London’s most stunning views, the River Thames boasts hundreds of scenic attractions on its banks. There are few better locations for gathering people to unwind and to get to know one another.

    Learn More

  • Event @ The BT Tower

    The opportunity to dine in the revolving restaurant on the 34th Floor of London’s BT Tower is one many can only dream of. Enjoy one of the world’s most astounding views as you get to know other exclusive members. 

    Learn More

Relaxing Venues

A Place to Unwind

Because of our passion for relationships, all Fresh Networking venues are a haven of relaxation, peace, and socializing. Thereby providing our members with the ideal environment for building new, prosperous, and long-lasting business relationships.

  • Excellent Meeting Rooms
  • Peace and Comfort
  • Luxurious Rooms
  • Fine Dining





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