Relationships First
Business Second

Networking is about finding and connecting with people who you resonate with.
Opportunities, collaborations and joint ventures are rife and the best methods for sustained growth.
Find your symbiotic partners through The Fresh Network.

— Casey

The Sky Gardens

Restaurant & Bar

Welcome to
The Sky Gardens

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As a member of this exclusive network, you will not only be surrounded by decisions makers, but also like-minded individuals who recognize that ‘relationship’ must always come before business. After-all, it is often the strength of relationship that determines the length, depth, and profitability of most partnerships.
  • Cost


  • Date

    Tuesday 2nd October 2018
  • Duration

    Half Day

  • Location

    Millenium  Gloucester, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 4LH

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Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Situated in the heart of London’s Kensington and Chelsea borough, and boasting a six-story glass atrium with up-lit palm trees, the Millennium Gloucester’s ambiance is ideal for tranquility, focus, relaxation, and fun – the perfect environment for you to build great relationships.


  • 10:00 - Register, Teas, Coffees, Biscuits - Get To Know People
  • 10.30 - Seminar Starts
  • 11.30 - Wine Drinks Reception - Afternoon Register - Continue Your Conversations
  • 12:00 - Lunch Starts
  • 14:00 - Lunch Finishes
  • Optional - Chat Some More

The Restaurant

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The Sky Gardens

Nana's pies

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  • 214 Whitby Road Ruislip HA4 9DY
  • 0 333 4444 22 0



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